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40 Soccer Award Ideas for Kids (End of Season)

Once the soccer season has drawn to a close, it’s nice to reflect back over the year and recognise and reward your players for all of their hard work and commitment.

Handing out small prizes, certificates, or trophies is a great way to acknowledge players for their individual achievements whether that was scoring lots of goals, turning up to every training session, or putting smiles on everyone’s faces.

To help you end the season on a great note, here are some soccer award ideas to hand out and some categories which will help highlight each player’s special contribution over the season.

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81 Soccer Movies You Must Watch (The Complete List)

Soccer has been a global sport for years, uniting players and fans from all over the world.

It’s no surprise then why it has inspired numerous movies in all sorts of countries.

From the USA to Colombia and Brazil, to England, Germany, and American Samoa, this list has a variety of international movies about the world’s most popular sport.

The genres also range from documentaries, to crime dramas, to hilarious comedies, and even murder mysteries.

You’ll never run out of soccer films to watch.

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