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Why Do Soccer Players Fake Injuries? (The Truth About Flopping)

Let’s face it, soccer players aren’t known for being hard-nosed tough guys who get battered and bruised in every game.

While soccer is undoubtedly a contact sport, it’s called the beautiful game for a reason.

The greats are known for producing moments of magic on the field, serving awe-inspiring feats of skill, and using speed and technique to overwhelm opponents.

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How to Break in Soccer Cleats In Only 3 Days (7-Step Guide)

Whether you change your cleats once per season or you’re an avid footwear collector, there’s nothing quite like getting your hands on a new pair of cleats.

That’s until you wear them to your first training session and come home with sore and blistered feet.

The dreaded break in period is a painful but necessary step to prepare your kicks for game day.

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How to Score from a Set Piece in Soccer (All 4 Explained)

A set piece is one of many ways by which a team gets an advantage to create a chance for a goal.

It is also sometimes referred to as a “set-play” or a “dead ball”.

As is the case with open play goals, a set-piece goal can be a result of -great teamwork, a mistake from the opponent, a training ground move, or individual brilliance.

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