5 Types of Soccer Cleats Compared (Buying Guide)

Cleats are undoubtedly the most important pieces of equipment for any soccer player.

They affect your grip on the turf and influence your balance, acceleration, and ability to turn.

Cleats are also crucial for ball control, striking, and injury prevention.

As such essential pieces of gear to get right, every player should understand the types of soccer cleats on the market before buying a new pair.

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What is an Obstruction in Soccer? (Full Explanation)

Obstruction in soccer refers to a type of foul where a player impedes the progress of an opponent when the ball is out of playing distance.

Even if the contact is minimal, the offender’s intent to stop the player rather than the ball makes it a cynical move and an unfair challenge.

You’re likely to witness multiple obstruction calls in any soccer game.

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How Scoring in Soccer Works (Complete Guide)

Most people have a general idea of how soccer works.

11 players on either team run around the field and try to outscore each other.

That said, if you’re new to the beautiful game, scoring in soccer (the scoring system) may be a little alien.

Unlike most American sports, soccer games can end in ties, with both teams sharing the spoils.

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Soccer Cuts and Turns (Inside, Outside, and More)

Every soccer player needs fundamental dribbling skills to weave their way out of tricky situations.

Before expanding your skill set with complex stepovers and advanced footwork, you must master basic soccer cuts and turns.

While rudimentary, these are important moves used to change direction when you’re on the ball.

Adding such tools to your arsenal lays the perfect foundations to become a better dribbler.

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