How To Shoot A Knuckleball in Soccer (5-Step Guide)

When you hear the term “knuckleball”, the first soccer player that comes to mind is probably Cristiano Ronaldo.

There is no doubt that he’s made the technique popular since his time with Manchester United — especially with his freekicks.

However, the background of the knuckleball technique stretches far before Ronaldo’s emergence as a legendary soccer player.

The mastery of the technique should be easier if one reviews the way that different soccer players execute it.

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The 5 Best Soccer GPS Trackers (2022 Edition)

The role of technology in modern soccer continues to expand exponentially as teams look to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of their players, staff, and overall process.

One of the modern technologies soccer teams use is the GPS tracker — to sufficient gather data to be used for improving player performance.

This researched guide discusses the benefits of using the tech and provides a detailed list of choices for the best soccer GPS trackers in 2022.

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What is an Olimpico Goal in Soccer? (The Nearly Impossible Goal)

Key moments are what makes soccer games so exciting.

Moments when a player executes an outrageous skill or when a defender makes a last ditch goal-line clearance.

Instances where a playmaker threads a perfect through ball, or an attacker scores a brilliant goal – fans of the game absolutely love those.

One of these moments is when a player scores an “Olimpico” — one of the rarest types of goals seen in soccer.

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