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Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras? (The Honest Answer)

In women’s athletics, sports bras are among the most important pieces of equipment for performance.

They support and protect the tissue, muscles, and skin on the upper torso that absorb constant impact during exercise.

In soccer, players constantly move around — whether they’re on the ball, making a run, or adjusting their tactical position.

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How Should Soccer Shin Guards Fit? (Shin Guard Size Chart)

Shin guards are one of five mandatory pieces of equipment that all players must wear.

According to the International Football Association Board (IFAB), the organization that governs the official Laws of the Game, on-field competitors must have shin guards made from suitable materials to offer appropriate levels of protection for the lower legs.

Naturally, it’s important to find shin guards that fit right and offer adequate protection.

However, shin guards aren’t uniform in size.

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Soccer Goalie Glove Size Chart (Guide for All Ages)

For decades, analysts and pundits have claimed that a good goalkeeper can earn their team 10 to 15 points in the league per season.

There’s no denying that highlight real saves, penalty stops, and last-ditch blocks are often the difference in a close game.

However, goalies are also heavily scrutinized and often come under huge criticism after a mistake.

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The 5 Best Soccer GPS Trackers (2023 Edition)

The role of technology in modern soccer continues to expand exponentially as teams look to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of their players, staff, and overall process.

One of the modern technologies soccer teams use is the GPS tracker — to sufficient gather data to be used for improving player performance.

This researched guide discusses the benefits of using the tech and provides a detailed list of choices for the best soccer GPS trackers in 2022.

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