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What is the Back Pass Rule in Soccer? (Explained)

It’s interesting to wonder how chaotic soccer must have been all those years ago when the game first started.

Naturally, one would expect that it must have been quite disorganized and different from what it is today.

Modern soccer is a result of decades of fine-tuning and coming up with rules to make it better in various ways.

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What is an Olimpico Goal in Soccer? (The Nearly Impossible Goal)

Key moments are what makes soccer games so exciting.

Moments when a player executes an outrageous skill or when a defender makes a last ditch goal-line clearance.

Instances where a playmaker threads a perfect through ball, or an attacker scores a brilliant goal – fans of the game absolutely love those.

One of these moments is when a player scores an “Olimpico” — one of the rarest types of goals seen in soccer.

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