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What is the Best Position in Soccer? (Top 6 Ranked)

If you’re new to soccer and trying to find a suitable spot on the field, it’s important to get familiar with the positions.

Although there are 11 players on each team, categorized into three core units: defense, midfield, and attack.

Depending on your physical attributes — like size, speed, strength, and technical skills — your playing style suit a particular position.

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What is a Fullback in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

Teams deploy fullbacks on either end of the backline, operating as wide defenders up and down the entire length of the field.

Once viewed as insignificant players who simply fill in the numbers and perform basic defensive tasks, the role of a fullback has now evolved enormously.

In fact, modern fullbacks have arguably grown in importance more than any other position in the past decade.

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What is a Goalie in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

A goalkeeper – often referred to as a goalie or keeper – is the last line of defense on a soccer field

Teams require goalies to do everything possible to prevent the opponent from scoring.

It’s undoubtedly the most unique position in all of soccer, with leagues holding them to a different ruleset than outfield players.

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