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What is a Nutmeg in Soccer? (Full Explanation)

Getting ‘nutmegged’ by an opponent is one of the most humiliating experiences in soccer. It will leave a player hanging their head in shame as spectators cheer loudly from stands, confirming their embarrassment. The nutmeg in soccer is capable of injecting fresh energy into the tired legs of teammates and can help inspire a team to victory […]

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How to Do a Bicycle Kick in Soccer (6-Step Guide)

Also known as an overhead or scissor kick, the bicycle kick is one of the most audacious skills a player can attempt during a match. It involves a player hurling themselves backwards, twisting athletically with one leg pointed towards the sky, and then hoping to strike the ball ferociously through the net. As you can tell, it’s […]

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How to Juggle a Soccer Ball Like a Pro

Whether you’re having fun with your friends before training or using it to get out of a tricky situation on the pitch, knowing how to juggle a soccer ball is a useful skill to have.   Not only is it fun to be able to keep the ball in the air, you’ll also see improvements in […]

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