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What Is A Green Card In Soccer? (Explained)

When you hear the term ‘green card’, soccer is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.

Soccer fans are more familiar with the cards that referees actually use during a game – the yellow and red cards.

Both cards are more known for their application in discipline, as referees use them to either give warnings or send a player off the pitch.

Referees may also use them for players and coaching staff that are not actually on the field of play.

There is one other card in soccer though – the green card

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VAR: What is Video Assistant Referee? (Including Pros and Cons)

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) is one of the more recent additions to the rules of soccer.

This allows a second review by the referees for important moments in a soccer game with the aim of reducing instances of errors in judgment.

In this text, we take a look at the background of the technology, the way it functions, and the pros and cons of its implementation.

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What Is A Clean Sheet In Soccer? (Full Explanation)

In sports, a clean sheet refers to a game where a team prevents the opponent from scoring any goals or points.

In the same way, the team that prevents the other from scoring a goal in soccer keeps the clean sheet.

That term varies a bit in American culture where it is sometimes referred to as a “shutout” instead.

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