Soccer Field Diagram (Free to Download and Print)

There are two reasons you may want to download a soccer field diagram.

Either you want to:

(1) Learn about the specific lines and areas of the pitch

(2) Download a blank soccer field template to draw on

I've got both covered in this post.

First, we've got a downloadable blank soccer field diagram...

Second, I've created a pitch and marked all the important lines and areas.

You can download that to learn yourself, or you can share it with players learning the game.

We've covered:

  • Goal
  • Goal Line
  • Touchline
  • Corner Arc
  • Corner Flag
  • Penalty Spot
  • Penalty Arc
  • Center Circle
  • Center Spot
  • Halfway Line
  • 6-Yard Box
  • 18-Yard Box

Both free downloads are below.


Soccer Field Diagram (Download)


Soccer Field Detailed (Download)

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