What is Gegenpressing? (The Full Explanation)

Gegenpressing is basically the German version of the term “counter-pressing”.

For people who know what the term means in soccer, it’s fairly obvious how the name ties in.

The counter-pressing style of play has a long history of use in modern soccer, but we can trace its roots back to the earlier years of the game.

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What is “Total Football”? (Origin and Tactics Explanation)

Total Football is a tactical theory of football where every outfield player is not restricted to a fixed role or position, and involvement in ALL phases of play is most crucial instead.

That’s a very simplistic explanation… but we’ll get into more detail soon.

The key point to note at this stage is that the Total Football system allows for extreme levels of tactical and positional fluidity, like no other system out there.

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15 Small-Sided Games for Soccer (And The Benefits)

An effective way of getting the best results out of your development programs is by replicating game situations during training sessions.

To achieve this, a coach needs to come up with drills that involve multiple players at once playing against each other.

Coaches should give specific instructions designed to target the growth of a particular skill or improve decision-making.

Small-sided games have proven to be a very efficient way of going about this.

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