What is the Back Pass Rule in Soccer? (Explained)

It’s interesting to wonder how chaotic soccer must have been all those years ago when the game first started.

Naturally, one would expect that it must have been quite disorganized and different from what it is today.

Modern soccer is a result of decades of fine-tuning and coming up with rules to make it better in various ways.

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How to Dominate as a Right Back in Soccer (Tips and Secrets)

As time passes, the roles of soccer players on the pitch continue to evolve.

Playing any position is now more than simply functioning within the zone that the position typically requires.

The result of this fact is that there is an increased need for players to be well-rounded regardless of the position that they play.

Take, for instance, the full-back.

This is technically a defensive position, but modern soccer has shown us that full-backs can be just as important for the team going forward as they are in defense.

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Soccer Substitution Rules 101: Everything You Need to Know

In a professional soccer game of ninety (90) minutes, teams may make a couple of substitutions before the game ends.

The rules guiding the number of allowable substitutions have changed slightly since the coronavirus epidemic of 2020, with some leagues allowing more substitutions to give players a better chance of recovery.

However, there are still a handful of substitution rules in soccer that remain standard procedure.

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How To Shoot A Knuckleball in Soccer (5-Step Guide)

When you hear the term “knuckleball”, the first soccer player that comes to mind is probably Cristiano Ronaldo.

There is no doubt that he’s made the technique popular since his time with Manchester United — especially with his freekicks.

However, the background of the knuckleball technique stretches far before Ronaldo’s emergence as a legendary soccer player.

The mastery of the technique should be easier if one reviews the way that different soccer players execute it.

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