7v7 Soccer Field Dimensions (Correct Field Size Guide)

7-a-side soccer is one of the most played and popular versions of the game around the world, especially at youth and recreational levels.

But what are the correct 7v7 soccer field dimensions?

The field size guide below lays out all the key details so you can create the optimal space for 7v7 soccer field for training and games.

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3 Soccer Throw-in Drills to Keep Possession (Simple + Effective)

Soccer is a game of fine margins with many close games decided by a single mistake, a moment of individual brilliance, or an astute tactical change.

Improved standards across the world’s top leagues mean that securing three points against a so-called “weaker side” is no longer a sure thing, even for the very best teams.

From low-block, five-player backlines to high-pressing front threes, every professional team works within a rigid system, driven by analysis and statistics.

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Soccer Goalie Glove Size Chart (Guide for All Ages)

For decades, analysts and pundits have claimed that a good goalkeeper can earn their team 10 to 15 points in the league per season.

There’s no denying that highlight real saves, penalty stops, and last-ditch blocks are often the difference in a close game.

However, goalies are also heavily scrutinized and often come under huge criticism after a mistake.

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Why Do Soccer Players Fake Injuries? (The Truth About Flopping)

Let’s face it, soccer players aren’t known for being hard-nosed tough guys who get battered and bruised in every game.

While soccer is undoubtedly a contact sport, it’s called the beautiful game for a reason.

The greats are known for producing moments of magic on the field, serving awe-inspiring feats of skill, and using speed and technique to overwhelm opponents.

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8v8 Soccer Formations (6 Fantastic Options)

Youth development is a huge part of grassroots soccer, providing the foundations and skill base for the future generation of players.

Naturally, younger players start out playing as part of smaller teams on scaled-down soccer fields.

Kids in the under 11 and under 12 age categories compete in 8v8 (including the goalkeeper) games under the US Youth Soccer regulations.

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