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How to do the La Croqueta Move in Soccer (4-Step Guide)

Andres Iniesta’s signature move – “La Croqueta” – is a simple skill worth mastering to help you maneuver in and out of tight spots.

It sees you shift the ball swiftly from one foot to the other before powering away from the defender.

While this sounds simple enough, there’s actually more to the move than fancy footwork.

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How to Do the Around the World Move in Soccer (6-Step Guide)

A cool trick to learn that is sure to impress your friends and teammates is the around the world.

This move is one of the most popular freestyle soccer tricks out there.

Although it is rarely ever used in a match, it is well worth practicing.

Perfecting the silky skill can improve your touch, technique and trickery as well as the speed of your footwork.

While it may seem quite hard to master at first sight, with a bit of practice you’ll have perfected it in no time.

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What is a Brace in Soccer? (Complete Explanation)

The term “brace” is often used by soccer pundits, players, and coaches. If you watch or listen to soccer matches regularly, you might hear this term. It’s most frequently used during English soccer matches by British commentators and players For soccer fans living outside of England, “brace” can be quite confusing to understand. A brace in soccer is when […]

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Top Soccer Training Equipment for Players (2021 Edition)

Proper soccer training equipment will help take your performance to the next level. Investing in quality equipment such as shirts, socks, and shorts will ensure that you’re prepared when it’s time to take to the field. When deciding on what items to pick, remember that it’s worth buying equipment that will help you perform well while keeping […]

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