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Sharks and Minnows (Fun Soccer Game for Kids!)

A super fun drill to run, Sharks and Minnows will excite and delight your players and fill them with enthusiasm for the training session ahead!

Besides being a great warm-up activity, the game also helps them practice their dribbling skills as well as improve their close ball control and technique.

Very easy to set up, run and monitor, Sharks and Minnows is perfect for younger players and will certainly get them enjoying their soccer.

Here’s how you can set up and run the game and get your players having a fun time, all while learning valuable soccer skills!

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123 Soccer Drills for All Skill Levels (With Images)

Looking for new soccer drills to give to your team?You’ve come to the right place!For every soccer match, fast decision-making is critical. Players have to stay attuned not only to their rival team’s moves but to their teammates’ moves as well.In this blog post, we list down 123 soccer drills to coach your players with […]

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U12 Soccer Drills: 5 Fantastic Drills for 12-Year-Olds

Two things: 1. Development2. Fun These should be your main focus when selecting U12 soccer drills to use with your team. At the 12-and-under age group, it’s crucial that we’re putting players in a position to improve their skills in a friendly and fun environment. Below, I’ve put together 5x U12 soccer drills. All of these drills include purpose, setup, […]

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U10 Soccer Drills: 6 Terrific Drills for 10-Year-Olds

Coaching the 10-and-under age group isn’t always easy… If you’re not using U10 soccer drills that keep them focused and engaged, you’ll find players around this age can become distracted very easily. Which isn’t a good thing for your training sessions (or the players around them). To help you keep them focused, here are 6x U10 soccer drills […]

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