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4-1-4-1 Formation – The Ultimate Coaching Guide

The 4-1-4-1 formation affords you a great deal of tactical flexibility and fluidity in terms of how you line up and this makes it a very useful formation, particularly if you have the appropriate personnel for it.

If you’re lacking a clinical striker, however, or the right player in the holding role, then you may be better off experimenting with another setup.

To give you a better idea of whether the 4-1-4-1 suits your team, let’s now take a look at what is needed to play the formation as well as some of its strengths and weaknesses.

After that, we’ll then examine each position and look at how to defend and attack using the 4-1-4-1 formation.

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5-3-2 Formation – Ultimate Coaching Guide (With Images)

The 5-3-2 formation is very defensive and can be a tough proposition for any team to face.

This is because it’s so hard to break down with five defenders sitting in front of the box and three midfielders hounding the opposition in front of them.

While it’s often used by teams hoping to sit back and snatch a win against a superior opponent, the formation can be surprisingly attack-minded. This depends on the personnel you have available to you though and the instructions you give the players.

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4-5-1 Formation – The Ultimate Coaching Guide

Although the 4-5-1 formation is often considered to be very defensive, it can be quite attack-minded with a few small and simple tweaks. It all depends on how you set your team up and which playing personnel you have available. With a midfield five in front of a flat-back four, it does offer your team defensive stability. […]

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4-2-3-1 Formation – The Ultimate Coaching Guide

The 4-2-3-1 formation is a great option for any team to consider implementing. The defensive solidity it offers through the middle coupled with flexibility up front means that teams can attack knowing they are not leaving themselves open at the back. The versatility it offers up front means that teams using the same formation will often be […]

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3-5-2 Formation – The Ultimate Coaching Guide

Attacking penetration, defensively strong, and control of possession… For the right team with the right players, the 3-5-2 formation can prove to be a deadly formation against any opponent. For the formation to work, the team must have two incredibly fit wingbacks who pace up and down the flanks for the whole duration of the match. These two […]

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