What is a Left Back in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

Historically, the left back in soccer was one of the least influential on the field.

Apart from occasional outliers, like Roberto Carlos, left backs were quite one-dimensional, defending first and offering attacking support second.

In the past, teams could get away with putting mediocre players in fullback positions.

But now the sport has evolved…

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What is a Right Back in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

We’ve seen the role of a right back in soccer evolve immensely in recent years.

In the past, fullbacks had a no-frills job that revolved around defending their quadrant and keeping things simple on the ball.

Contrastingly, the modern right back must not only be defensively sound, but they should also be comfortable on the ball and contribute to attacking phases, playing forward passes, and providing occasional assists.

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What is a Striker in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

Playing the most pressurized position on the pitch, the striker deals in the currency of the game:


Their primary role of putting the ball in the back of the net is crucial to the team’s success.

Without having a talismanic center forward to tuck chances away, virtually any team will struggle to win.

Although goal-poaching strikers are important, the best in the business offer a little bit more.

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What is a Center Back in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

The “center back” is a central defender whose main duties revolve around preventing the opposition from scoring. Operating as a pair or trio, center backs mainly defend the areas directly in front of goal and do whatever it takes to prevent strikers from scoring. Traditional center backs were “no-nonsense” types, commanding their zone with physicality while keeping […]

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