The Best Soccer Rebounder to Buy in 2023 (and How to Use It)

The soccer rebounder is a very useful equipment you can use to improve your game. 

It allows you to work on many skills -- from passing and ball control, to volleying, shooting and striking accuracy.

Thanks to their versatility, it's well worth investing in one. 

Easy to install, durable, and portable too, these are great for improving your skills in a short space of time.

By putting in extra work and effort at home, you'll soon see vast improvements out on the pitch.

Let's take a look at the best soccer rebounder to buy and some awesome drills and exercises you can work through with it.

The Best Soccer Rebounder

While there are a lot of quality products out there, for its sheer versatility we've gone with:

SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Net.

It's highly rated by users for its affordability, ease of use, and durability. 

It features a brilliant dual net design that can help you work on everything -- from your passing and control to shooting, heading and accuracy.

But first, a few quick facts so you can see whether it fits with what you're looking for or not.


Quick facts:

Type of rebounder: Multi-task

Size of rebounder: 7.87 x 7.09 x 1.97 inches

Size of large net: 6 x 4 inches

Size of small net: 6 x 20 inches

Weight: 13.2 pounds

Materials made out of: Nylon, plastic and metal

Time to set up: A couple of minutes – once you've learnt how to set it up!

Price: $139.99

Where to buy: Either on Amazon or directly from SKLZ

(not affiliate links -- I genuinely recommend this product)

Why This Product?

Some rebounders may be more specialised, focusing on one or two things.

However, what sets the SKLZ Quickster apart is its unique design and versatility.

Thanks to its dual nets you can not only work on your passing and receiving but also your volleys, headers and trapping the ball in the air.

It is the staggering array of drills you can practice on that made us choose it as both the best rebounder and overall trainer to buy.

The rebounder is certainly very well-built, easy to set up, and portable.

These are all key features you should look for in a product if you want to practice as often as you can, wherever you go.

It's also very affordable in comparison with some of the other high-end products out there.

In addition, it is both light and durable, making it a great bit of equipment to own and use. 

To top it all off, the SKLZ Quickster also comes with access to online training drills!

These drills show you some great exercises you can work on.

Here's a look at how to set it up:

What Are Others Saying?


  • Very affordable in comparison with other high-end products
  • Great versatility in terms of what drills you can work on
  • Perfect for solo training
  • Easy and quick to set up and disassemble
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Good quality materials
  • Prepares you for game-like situations


  • Can be tough to anchor to the ground
  • While you can work on lots of different drills, other rebounders may be better for working on one specific skill or area of your game
  • A few users found their rebounder lost its resistance or broke after a while (there is however a one-year warranty)

While we believe the SKLZ Quickster is the best overall option out there, it's well worth doing a bit of research before investing in one.

That will then help you find the best fit for your soccer needs and whatever space and set-up you have at home.

With that in mind, let's now move on to some great drills and exercises you can work on regardless of what rebounder you choose!


10 Great Soccer Rebounder Drills

Once you have safely and securely set up your soccer rebounder, you're good to go!

To get you started, here are some great drills you can work through with the rebounder. 

1. One Touch Passes

For this drill, all you have to do is simply pass the ball against the rebounder using just one touch each time. 

Make sure to hit the ball hard enough and accurately enough so that it bounces back to you. 

Remember to stay on your toes, ready to receive the ball and alternate so both left and right feet improve -- easy!

2. Strike the Ball with Your Laces

A bit tougher, this exercise sees you strike the ball against the rebounder using your laces. 

As the technique is slightly different, focus on springing the ball back to your feet each time. 

Again, try using only one touch as this helps you prepare for real-life game situations.

3. Control the Ball to Either Side

For this drill, either pass or strike the ball with enough strength and accuracy.

Make sure the ball comes back with enough pace for you to control it and take it to either side, ideally with one touch. 

This again helps you to work on both your control and passing with both feet. 

You have the option to put a cone to either side for you to take the ball around before passing it back to the rebounder.

4. Turning with the Ball

Very useful for midfielders, this exercise helps you receive the ball and turn with it.

After striking the ball against the rebounder you want to open up your body to one side.

Make sure to control the ball with the inside of your foot as it comes back to you.

You then quickly sprint away from the rebounder with the ball at your feet. 

After rounding a cone you can then run back towards the rebounder and strike the ball, running through the drill again.

5. Dribble and Shoot

In front of the rebounder, set up a line of cones for you to dribble through. 

Once you've weaved your way through the cones, strike the ball at the rebounder.

As the ball comes back, control it then turn and quickly slalom your way back through the cones.

Once you reach the end, you can either strike the ball at the rebounder or turn and dribble back through the cones before starting the drill over. 

Make sure to use both feet when dribbling, shooting and controlling the ball. 

6. Pass and Shoot

For this exercise you want to set up the rebounder perpendicular to a full size goal. 

You then want to pass the ball against the rebounder, then strike the ball in one go at goal. 

Alternatively you can also pass the ball against the rebounder, take a touch to set yourself up, then take a shot. 

Make sure to alternate feet so you feel just as comfortable shooting with your left as your right.

7. Pass and Volley

With this drill you again want to place the rebounder perpendicular to a full size goal.

Your target here is to practice volleying the ball with power and accuracy. 

For this exercise you will use either the large net of the SKLZ Trickster or another rebounder which launches the ball up in the air.

Once you have passed it and the ball is in the air, keep your eye on the ball and swivel to strike it in one fluid motion. 

Again you want to practice volleying the ball with both your left and right foot.

8. One Touch Volleys

This is another way to practice your volleying and control of the ball once it is in the air.

First, pass the ball against the large side of the SKLZ Trickster. 

This then flicks it up in the air, ready for you to volley again.

As you volley the ball again and again, you'll need to stay on your toes to ensure your strikes are clean and accurate.

This helps prepare you for real-life game situations where you need to pass or volley the ball in one go while its in the air.

9. In the Air Control

Here, you again want to use the large side of the SKLZ Trickster or any rebounder that launches the ball up into the air.

Once again you want to firmly pass the ball at the rebounder so that it springs up into the air. 

Instead of volleying it, you want to control the ball and take it to either side, using the inside of either foot. 

While it is not necessary, it can be useful to place a cone to either side to give you something to aim for when you bring it under control. 

This drill helps further your control and technique when receiving a pass in the air.

10. Headers

Impressively enough, many of these rebounders can also help improve your heading skills. 

To work on the aerial side of your game, you first want to pass the ball against a rebounder that flicks the ball up. 

Once it is in the air you then want to time your jump to perfection and power the ball at whatever target you have set. 

In addition, you can also change up the height and distance you head it -- depending on whether you want to work on defensive headers or attacking ones.


So there you have it, the best soccer rebounder to buy and how to use it!

A very useful piece of equipment to own, the SKLZ Quickster Portable Soccer Net can help improve multiple aspects of your game.

By working hard and practicing at home, you'll soon see drastic improvements out on the pitch.

Well worth the investment, soccer rebounders have an astounding array of different drills you can work through. 

These will all help take your game to the next level.

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