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What is a Winger in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

Everybody loves a winger….

A winger in soccer play on the left or right-hand side of the striker, providing attacking width and creating tons of chances in every game.

Often responsible for the “oohs and aahs” that circulate around a stadium, they’re usually tricky customers with no shortage of skills and confidence.

In saying that, the wingers of today get judged predominantly on their output, not on their highlight reels.

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What is a Left Back in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

Historically, the left back in soccer was one of the least influential on the field.

Apart from occasional outliers, like Roberto Carlos, left backs were quite one-dimensional, defending first and offering attacking support second.

In the past, teams could get away with putting mediocre players in fullback positions.

But now the sport has evolved…

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What is a Right Back in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

We’ve seen the role of a right back in soccer evolve immensely in recent years.

In the past, fullbacks had a no-frills job that revolved around defending their quadrant and keeping things simple on the ball.

Contrastingly, the modern right back must not only be defensively sound, but they should also be comfortable on the ball and contribute to attacking phases, playing forward passes, and providing occasional assists.

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