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What is a Striker in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

Playing the most pressurized position on the pitch, the striker deals in the currency of the game:


Their primary role of putting the ball in the back of the net is crucial to the team’s success.

Without having a talismanic center forward to tuck chances away, virtually any team will struggle to win.

Although goal-poaching strikers are important, the best in the business offer a little bit more.

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What is a Center Back in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

The “center back” is a central defender whose main duties revolve around preventing the opposition from scoring. Operating as a pair or trio, center backs mainly defend the areas directly in front of goal and do whatever it takes to prevent strikers from scoring. Traditional center backs were “no-nonsense” types, commanding their zone with physicality while keeping […]

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What is a Sweeper in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

A sweeper in soccer was once a very popular position, even at the highest level.

During the 1960s and 70s, it revolutionized the game – leading the way for more “hybrid positions” to make their way into the game.

Playing just behind the centerbacks, the sweeper has somewhat of a free role in the sense that they don’t mark a specific player.

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What Position is the Number 8 in Soccer? (Role Explanation)

The number 8 in soccer refers to one of the most important positions on the field: the box-to-box center midfielder.

With both offensive and defensive responsibilities, a box-to-box midfielder must be a quick thinker, capable passer, and robust defender.

From making goal-stopping interceptions to leading counterattacks with the ball at their feet, a talented 8 is often the difference maker in tight contests.

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What Position is the Number 7 in Soccer? (Role Explanation)

The number 7 in soccer is one of the most sought-after and respected shirts a player can wear.

It has a long-standing association with soccer’s greats through multiple generations, from two-time World Cup-winning (1958 and 1962) Brazilian icon, Garrincha, all the way through to Cristiano Ronaldo or Kylian Mbappe today.

In modern soccer, numbers don’t necessarily indicate a player’s position.

That said, some are symbolic and reserved especially for those worthy of the honor.

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