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What is a Sweeper Keeper? (And How to Play One)

Every team relies on the goalkeeper for one major job – keep the ball out of the net.

More often than not, the keeper’s duties will revolve around the penalty area.

They may, occassionally, have to move forward to close the gap on an attacker or narrow the angle available for shooting.

The job of a sweeper-keeper stretches further than the traditional duties of keeping the ball out of the net and making saves.

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What Does a Stopper Do in Soccer? (Explained)

While it’s seldom seen in the professional game today, the stopper position is a fantastic role for teaching young players the art of defending.

Paired alongside a sweeper in the centre of defence, the stopper is expected to win every tackle and aerial challenge and not be afraid to put their body on the line.

As the more aggressive of the two central defenders, they’re expected to quickly put pressure on the opposition’s strikers, nip in to intercept the ball, and stop dangerous moves in their tracks.

While the modern game now puts a lot more emphasis on centrebacks being comfortable on the ball and starting moves from the back, the stopper position is all about defending and doing everything possible to stop a goal from being scored.

In this article, you’ll read about how soccer teams line up with a stopper, what stoppers are expected to do, and what the key requirements are for playing the position.

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