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What is a Right Back in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

We’ve seen the role of a right back in soccer evolve immensely in recent years.

In the past, fullbacks had a no-frills job that revolved around defending their quadrant and keeping things simple on the ball.

Contrastingly, the modern right back must not only be defensively sound, but they should also be comfortable on the ball and contribute to attacking phases, playing forward passes, and providing occasional assists.

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What Position is the Number 8 in Soccer? (Role Explanation)

The number 8 in soccer refers to one of the most important positions on the field: the box-to-box center midfielder.

With both offensive and defensive responsibilities, a box-to-box midfielder must be a quick thinker, capable passer, and robust defender.

From making goal-stopping interceptions to leading counterattacks with the ball at their feet, a talented 8 is often the difference maker in tight contests.

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What Position is the Number 7 in Soccer? (Role Explanation)

The number 7 in soccer is one of the most sought-after and respected shirts a player can wear.

It has a long-standing association with soccer’s greats through multiple generations, from two-time World Cup-winning (1958 and 1962) Brazilian icon, Garrincha, all the way through to Cristiano Ronaldo or Kylian Mbappe today.

In modern soccer, numbers don’t necessarily indicate a player’s position.

That said, some are symbolic and reserved especially for those worthy of the honor.

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What is a Defensive Midfielder? (And How to Play One)

One of the most important soccer positions of the past decade is undoubtedly the defensive midfielder.

We have finally entered an era where this criminally undervalued role is now getting the plaudits it deserves.

Although it’s not a flashy position, it is integral to defensive solidity and allows the more creative players to get on the ball in dangerous areas and create goalscoring chances.

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