What is a Sweeper in Soccer? (Full Position Guide)

A sweeper in soccer was once a very popular position, even at the highest level.

During the 1960s and 70s, it revolutionized the game – leading the way for more “hybrid positions” to make their way into the game.

Playing just behind the centerbacks, the sweeper has somewhat of a free role in the sense that they don’t mark a specific player.

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6 Soccer Fundamentals to Be a Well-Rounded Player

As a player, simplifying your game and honing fundamental skills is the best way to accelerate development and become a well-rounded player.

With solid soccer fundamentals — like passing, dribbling, and tackling — you can build an excellent base level for consistent future progress.

This article teaches you the core soccer fundamentals you need to make incremental improvements that really matter.

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Penalty Kick Rules: Everything You Need to Know

Penalty kicks provide some of the most exciting and dramatic moments in soccer games.

This 1-v-1 spot kick from 12 yards between the kicker and the goalkeeper seems a relatively straightforward task for professionals.

However, considering the pressure of the moment and the quality of goalkeepers, they’re more difficult to convert than you might think.

In fact, it’s estimated that players only score 75% of penalties.

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How to Shoot a Soccer Ball (With Power and Accuracy)

Shooting is a fundamental part of soccer that, like any other skill, players must learn, hone, and practice on regularly.

On countless occasions, we hear soccer commentators or pundits speak about a player’s natural ability to strike a ball with precision accuracy or unworldly power.

While it’s true that some stars are naturally talented, shooting with power and accuracy typically comes from good technique.

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15 Rules All Soccer Parents Must Follow

For millions of U.S. children, soccer is fast becoming their favorite sport, with participation rates reaching record levels around the country.

As with all other sports, parents have an enormous impact on young soccer players.

While most moms and dads have good intentions when guiding their kids through soccer, it can be a tricky field to navigate.

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