What is a Defensive Midfielder? (And How to Play One)

One of the most important soccer positions of the past decade is undoubtedly the defensive midfielder.

We have finally entered an era where this criminally undervalued role is now getting the plaudits it deserves.

Although it’s not a flashy position, it is integral to defensive solidity and allows the more creative players to get on the ball in dangerous areas and create goalscoring chances.

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8 Soccer Drills for Beginners (Best Drills for Kids)

As a skill-based sport, drills have a fundamental role to play in the sport of soccer, especially among youth and beginners.

It helps you work out the mechanics of key movements and skills, eventually solidifying them as muscle memory.

Without putting in the necessary work on the training field, young players may not learn the essential foundations of the game, therefore hindering their progress in the early stages.

Having solid fundamentals from a young age increases players’ potential significantly and gives them more freedom to work on more difficult aspects of the game.

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How Much Do MLS Players Make Per Game and Season?

Soccer is currently trending, becoming one of the most popular sports in the United States.

While it still has a long way to go before it reaches the likes of American football, basketball, or baseball, participation rates and fandom are at all-time highs.

The MLS has grown enormously over the past two decades and is now one of the most well-established professional leagues in the world.

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9 Individual Soccer Drills to Use in the Backyard (Solo)

Your backyard is the perfect setting for honing your skills, practicing techniques, and making crucial improvements outside of organized training.

Individual soccer drills help you keep sharp, improve your weaknesses, and take major leaps in the off-season.

Despite the obvious benefits, many players fail to put in the hard yards in their spare time.

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